Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I'm Ready {SOL 5-26-15}

I'm ready...

To wake up to the song of the Barn Swallows who line up on the rain gutter to sing to the rising sun.

For roasting marshmallows over the fire pit on a Saturday night.

For floating in the pool --  the cool, soft water both relaxing and refreshing me.

To read new books that fill both my mind and my imagination.

For homegrown veggies from my garden -- tomatoes, peas, lettuce, and melon.

To listen to the sound of distant lawn mowers and garden sprinklers.

To stare up at the blue sky, watching the birds soar and the clouds dance.

For my flowers to decorate my yard with their bright and cheery faces.

For dinner on the patio when time is unrushed and conversation is unleashed.

To fall asleep to the sounds of the croaking Bull Frog and the creaking of the crickets.

I'm ready.


  1. It's a teacher's poem, Jennifer. Me, too, me, too! Love that next to last line especially!

  2. All these things and more will be happening, soon. Enjoy each sound, sight, and flavor that the summer can bring.

  3. I'm ready too! I love all the sensory images of summer. Funny how Memorial Day Weekend brings summer thoughts even with several more weeks of school.

  4. Summer started today for me and I was ready! As much as I love teaching, it is nice to take time for the things on your list. Enjoy!


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