Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I Can Do Anything, But Not Everything {SOL 3.14.17}

I used to really dislike this quote.

I used to think...What do you mean I can't do everything? Of course, I can! How dare you try to limit me! You must not know me very well.

Being the over-achieving, obsessive perfectionist that I sometimes am, I thought -- not only could I do everything, but I would do it awesomely, darn it.

But that was then....

          Now, I get it.

Sometimes, my ambitions are bigger than my energies.

Sometimes, I overcommit, thinking there are endless hours in the day and that sleep is for the weak.

Sometimes, I really, really want to do everything, but know deep down that I shouldn't.

When I started the Slice of Life challenge on March 1st, I had high hopes for myself. I planned to post every day and comment on other slices as much as I could, sneaking in comments at lunch or before making dinner.

But the truth is, no matter how much I love slicing, how much I love visiting other slices and leaving comments, I can't do it to the level I wanted to and still have time for everything else that's going on in my life right now.....

     I'm trying to start a new business.

     I'm trying to get a website up and running.

     I'm trying to migrate past blog posts to my new website.

     I'm trying to complete my course with the Institute of Children's Literature that I began in January.

     I'm trying to wrap up my career as a classroom teacher.

     I'm trying to prepare for a leave of absence to take care of my mother after her knee replacement surgery next week.

So I have realized that for the sake of my sanity, something has got to go.....

So if you don't see me slicing every day during the month of March, know that I really, really wish that I could, but I have realized that I really can't do everything.


  1. To tell the truth, I was was worried when I didn't see you the past few days. I'm glad you're here. I understand! Beside the quote, which I've never heard and do like, my take-a-way from your post is this:

    Being the over-achieving, obsessive perfectionist that I sometimes am, I thought -- not only could I do everything, but I would do it awesomely, darn it.

    I get it. I so get it. When I push myself into a corner by doing too much and trying to do it awesomely, I have a saying I say to myself, "Grant yourself grace, Amy. Grant yourself grace. So grant yourself a little grace today. You are AwEsOmE!

  2. Wonderful realization, and a hard one to come to for us of the overachiever perfectionist group. Bravo to you for putting it out there!

  3. A challenge is a challenge no matter how you do it! I too was worried, am worried, about getting it all done. My life is a bit out of balance and I might not make it either. One day at a time... it is all you can do. Take care of yourself and your family. I will be on the lookout for your slices!! I have enjoyed connecting with you more this March.

  4. You are taking care of yourself and that's what is important. You've been missed and I'm glad you're back today.

  5. I wish you well, Jennifer, with your mom and setting up your business. Some things have to be lopped off the list!

  6. You have a lot of plates spinning in the air, it's okay to set one down. You can always pick it up when there is time. Take care of yourself and your mother. I'm glad you've been missing because you are so busy and not because something is wrong.

  7. It's all part of the writing life...you need the off time as much as you need the on time.

  8. A lot of wisdom in the quote and your post. Knowing our limitations is as important as knowing what it is we can do.

  9. It is always about finding the right balance for you. Still looking forward to seeing what you DO write this month!

  10. I have tried to live by the credo, control the things you can and let go of those you can't. I am happier for knowing and living that. As Mary Ann has remarked, we must know our limitations. Your piece is honest and reflective. May you find the answers you seek and discover the balance so necessary to all our lives. Out of confusion we seek answers- and that's a good thing.


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