Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sunday Dinner {SOL 3.05.17}

Next fall, both of my children will be students at the same university.

My son is a freshman there already and was a tad bit not excited that his little sister had decided to join him there. After all, he has already made a home away from home for himself and having his sister become a part of that wasn't in his plan.

But my daughter is very sensitive to this. She reassured him that it was a big campus and they probably wouldn't see each other.

"Except for Sunday dinners," she told him. "We have a standing date on Sunday nights to get together for dinner. It's what we do in this family."

Then I saw my son posted this on Facebook:
Yes, Sunday dinners have been a family staple forever, but I guess I didn't realize what they meant to my kids.

This surprised me, but it also made me this momma's heart happy that they will carry a piece of family tradition with them.


  1. Now I am crying... as my oldest is just starting to look at colleges. I wonder what will they remember, carry on, miss... You hit a heartstring for me this morning. I am off to plan our Sunday dinner...

  2. Oh that's so sweet! I love that they will carry on the tradition. I must say, I miss Sunday dinners so much still!! Love that they have these memories and that they'll be creating more!

  3. i just love this Jennifer... both of mine are at college now, and I am wondering what family traditions they think about when they are gone. I love that your children will be together- next year mine may as well as my oldest is hoping to transfer.
    I love the straightforward style you used to write this piece. It is crisp and to the point and captures your daughter's thoughts perfectly.

  4. That is so sweet! "It's what we do in this family" says a heck of a lot about his momma!

  5. Slowly the life you created comes through. They treasure the routine of the way "we do it." I love it!

  6. Sunday dinner is one of the fine times I remember from my childhood. I applaud your daughter for insisting that Sunday dinners continue during their college years. It's the special moments like this that make family so incredibly special.

  7. That's so great! I love both that Sunday dinner became something meaningful to both of them - and that the sister automatically assumed it was something that would continue, no matter where they are. Awesome.


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