Monday, March 20, 2017

Puppy Playtime {SOL 3.20.17}

As I sat down to write my slice about giving my dog a haircut yesterday, my daughter walked by.

"Are you writing a post about me starting my new job today?"

I looked up from my laptop.

"No...should I?" I asked.

My daughter has taken on a second part-time job to save money for college next year. She works at a local store as a cashier, but they weren't giving her many hours. Then she heard a nearby kennel was hiring people to play with the boarded dogs for Puppy Playtime.

It is the perfect job for her. She has this amazing way of working with animals -- she brings her whole heart and energy to them and they love her back for it.

"I don't care," my daughter responded. "You could just tell them you are proud of me."

That I am.


  1. Getting paid to play with dogs? Now that sounds like a fun job.

  2. What a work ethic! Getting to play with puppies and being paid?!?! Where do I sign up? Awesome!!!

  3. You should be proud. I love how your daughter knows you look for the little everydayness of life in the little things.

  4. Your daughter cracks me up. I sense a silly sense of humor in her and she sounds like a delightful young lady!

  5. That is so awesome -- my boys - 17 and 15 - are known to say---please don't slice about that!! They are being sarcastic -- I think it is great they know we are watching and everything is fair game for the slice of life!

  6. Your slice is charming, Jennifer, and your daughter seems to be, too.


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