Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Spring! {SOL 3.01.17}

Ahhhh....the much-needed, much-anticipated turning of the calendar page from February to March.

The official start to meteorological spring.

Goodbye, winter!

Just this week, I've spied several Red Winged Blackbirds, a Sandhill Crane, and two Robins. (Isn't it amazing that birds know just when to fly back north?)
Look hard...Do you see it?

I was out on my deck last night and I listened in to the chatter of birds, excited to see each other again after a winter away and catching up on much-missed bird gossip, I suppose.

It felt good on my ears.

It felt good in my soul.

I'm ready for spring.


  1. I am ready too...although we have had NO winter to speak of. But I am OK with that. Happy writing!

  2. I'm ready too! In fact the trees and perennials are telling me they are ready too. I just hope March is a lamb and not a lion. Happy spring!

  3. Ready for Spring, too - but I think it's pretty far away from us yet :(

  4. Lovely!

    I'm a bit more pessimistic at the moment - I've heard our sandhill cranes in WI last weekend and today it's snowing. Poor things!


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