Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Grateful Strengths -- #ReflectiveTeacher Challenge Day 5

Today's Topic:  What are my strengths?  Which am I most grateful for?

These are two strengths that I am most grateful for:

1.  Management:  This is something I never really struggled with, but I'm not sure why.  In teacher prep courses, I read Harry Wong and a hoard of other management books and those tips and tricks seeped their way into my management plan without me even knowing it. Management is only an issue for the first few days of school until my new group of students and I come together as a cohesive group.

2.  Relationship Building:  I take time to get to know my students.  My students know I care about them as a person and as a student.  (Perhaps this makes the management issue easier.) I also share my life with them.  They enjoy hearing funny stories about my weekend or about something my own children did.  It makes me human to them as well.

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