Friday, November 7, 2014

Let's Write -- #RefectiveTeacher Blog Challenge Day 7

Today's Topic:  What new learning has inspired you in your career?

Two summers ago, I was able to participate in the National Writing Project's Summer Institute at the UW-Milwaukee UWMWP).  Let me just say -- it changed my life!

When I went back to school to earn my teaching certification, there were certain methods courses I had to take -- reading, math, social studies, science, art...but no writing.

So as a result, when I began teaching, I had no clue how to teach writing.

My first year of teaching, we did two writing projects, both around conference time so I could show parents.  That was it.

I thought this was teaching writing.


We write every day.
We publish some writing.
We share our writing with others.
We write for fun.
We write for reflection.
We call ourselves writers.
We read our writing out loud.
We revise, revise, revise.
We read with a writer's eye.
We use mentor texts when we write.

The three weeks I spent with UWMWP turned me into a WRITING teacher.

And I am now a writer myself.


  1. This.

    I so, so agree with you about the influence of the NWP. My students and I sing along with your "We write, we publish, we share" chorus. Hooray for NWP. Hooray for writing teachers who feel the burn of the sweet writing life!

  2. Oh this brought me back to the summer when I attended my local writing project. It changed my life too!!! Thank you for bringing me right back to that summer! (How did you make the picture at the top of your blog posts? I LOVE it!!!)


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