Sunday, November 2, 2014

Small Delights - #ReflectiveTeacher Challenge Day 2

I’m participating in the November Blogging Challenge  -- Attitude of Gratitude -- at @TeachThoughtOnline

Today’s Topic:  What is one small delight in my day that I look forward to?

This one is easy...

Every morning (even weekends), I get up at 4:30 am.  No one else is awake, even the dogs. Many people tell me I am crazy for getting up this early and at a younger age, I would have agreed with them.  Now, I wouldn't give this time up for anything.

I spend the first hour of my day reading.  Sometimes I read my emails, sometimes my Twitter feed, but most often I read a book.  Here are some of my favorite reads as of late:
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When 5:30 am rolls around, it is time to get ready to go.  My hour of peace and quiet is over and I look forward to its return again tomorrow.

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