Saturday, May 28, 2016

That's a Wrap {Celebrate This Week 5-28-16}

With the sounding of one final bell at 3:35 yesterday afternoon, another school year has come to a close.

The last day of school is always bittersweet. We all look forward to the restful days of summer that stretch before us, but the last day means we have to say goodbye to some faces we may never see again.

Our 5th graders will be heading off to the middle school next year. For some, our school has been their educational home for the last seven years. For others, it has been stability in a rocky home life. With us, they had routine, expectations, and boundaries. They knew they would be cared for when they walked through our doors.

We have a tradition of gathering at the end of the bus line on the last day of school to wave goodbye as the busses pull away. Students reach from lowered windows to wave back, some smiling, but many sobbing because they will miss the connections they have made with others inside our school walls.

As teachers, we all know that our job is about more than lesson plans, assessment, and learning, although many outside of the educational world think that this is all that teaching is all about.

As teachers, we tend to more than just our students' minds. We also care for their hearts, their character, their consciences, and so much more. We understand that learning cannot take place if a child is hungry, upset, or in need of basic necessities.  When talking with others about our students, we call them "my kids" not by accident, but because our classrooms have become a home away from home for all of us. We are a family.

As those busses pulled away and the tears began to flow, I became even more thankful that I get to work in a profession based on so much love and connection. There's really nothing I'd rather do.

For this, I celebrate.


  1. Lovely celebration for the end of the year. Enjoy the summer!

  2. Oh yes, the end of the school year always brings a roller coaster of emotions. While we're eager for our summer break we do miss our kids! Your bus tradition is something we do too. Congrats on wrapping up another year!

  3. We have the same tradition for the last day at our middle school! I, too, love this profession! What a gift, to be witness to these years with these students. YAY!!!!

  4. What a wonderful tradition! Your students are lucky that they have such caring adults in their lives.
    Looking forward to seeing you in Indiana in a few weeks. :-)

  5. Saying goodbye is never easy for so many reasons. For many, school is the best part of their day and knowing that we are a part of that is very gratifying. See you soon!

  6. Jennifer, I celebrated along with you. I can see why the tears flowed during the procession of buses. Tears started welling because our profession is one of caring as you said.

  7. Whoa - this must be a very emotional but special goodbye tradition.

  8. Well, I'm teary reading about this goodbye ceremony! What a lovely way to end another great year of learning.

  9. So sweet! The end of the school year tradition and your lovely words of reflection.

  10. What a truly heartfelt way to end the school year especially for your 5th graders. Moving on to a new school always causes a very mixed bag of emotions. Your students are very fortunate to have had such a sensitive teacher.


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