Thursday, May 12, 2016

Believe in Your Wings {Positive Thinking Thursday 5.12.16}

The Comfort Zone is overrated.

Sure, it's easy to hang out there -- you've certainly got lots of company -- but that's not where you were meant to stay. 

After awhile, the Comfort Zone becomes quite boring. 

Nothing new really happens. 

Routine is The Rule in the comfort zone.

But watch out -- You can get stale in the Comfort Zone if you're not careful.

Life in the comfort zone applies to our classrooms as well. 

Think about it...How much time do you spend doing the same thing day in and day out, staying stuck in a routine? 

How about your students? Do they know that the best learning often comes from taking chances and  trying to do new things? 

What is calling you to reach out? 

To leave your Comfort Zone?

Give yourself permission to try.

Give your students permission to try.

Believe in your wings.


  1. Jennifer, beyond the comfort zone is the place to be so we stretch ourselves. The image is great.

  2. Great words of wisdom, Jennifer! I find I push myself more and more, which is great! It always helps to have support too. I like the way you reminded us to give our students permission to try!


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