Tuesday, October 3, 2017

DWP #21/SOL: SPARK {10.3.17}

What is the spark

that turns the day from
calm to chaos,
that wipes away
the memory of loved ones,
that takes you back
to a time too long ago,
makes you question
who we are,
where you are,
what day it is?

What is the spark

that turns you away,
blocks us out,
that turns your mind back into a young man's
even though your body is very, very old
makes us question
where you went,
who will you be today,
what you need?

What is the spark?


  1. Writing that will touch many... I hope you can share this with support groups. It is so personal, yet true for so many.

    Family stories of aunts and uncles when they went through this can bring both smiles and tears.

  2. This must be so difficult, Jennifer. And your words are so touching. Blessings and hugs!
    On another note - I'm trying out "DWHabit this month. Good to challenge myself with daily writing. I missed the chat, but looking forward to visiting the archive.

  3. I think you found your way to write about it. Powerful, profound poem on so many levels.

  4. Your questions echo our own. If only we could douse the spark and spare them the pain, frustration, indignity. Then later, if only we could spark a stolen moment rooted in the present.

  5. Jennifer, your writing touched me this morning. Letting go of your thoughts in such a beautiful way must unburden thoughts and bring a modicum of peace.

  6. Deeply touching and beautiful poem on a very difficult and emotional topic. Thank you for sharing it with us.


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