Thursday, October 12, 2017

DWP #30: SMART {10.12.17}

It amazes me how my dog can be so smart and so stupid at the same time.

She is so smart that she knows when we are leaving the house, long before we even grab our keys. When she senses this, she puts herself in her kennel. She is not doing this to be helpful. She is doing this in the hope that we will not see her laying around and think that we already locked her up. Then when we are gone, she will have free run of the house. 

Very smart.
Yesterday, she tried a new trick.

She managed to get the zipper open on my purse. (Very smart) She rooted around inside my purse and managed to grab a container of Breathsavers mints. She carried the mints into my bedroom and shimmied herself under my bed where she proceeded to get the container open and eat every last mint. Minty breath aside, sugarfree mints and sugarfree gum can be toxic to dogs. (Very stupid) Luckily, she is fine. (This is also the dog who ate a whole box of Valentine's chocolates -- also not so good for dogs.) She must have a stomach of steel.

Sometimes, her smartness gets her in some real trouble.

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