Tuesday, September 5, 2017

New Beginnings Begin Today {SOL 9.05.17}

Last Sunday, my husband and I settled our two kids into their home-away-from-home lives at college.

With both kids away, we are truly empty-nesters. The house has been very quiet. That's really hard to get used to. I think I've talked to the dog more this past week than anyone else. Luckily, the dog seems to get it and lets me babble away.

These past few months have seen many endings and new beginnings for me. Times of great change. Thinking of it all as a collective whole can be overwhelming, so I'll just take them one by one:

* In June, I left the classroom to begin my educational consulting business, Teach Write. Ending ten years in the classroom was very sad, but I'm looking forward to beginning this new adventure. Today would have been our first day of school. It's a strange feeling not to be there, but I know good things are ahead too.

* A new business means working from home -- alone -- all day long. Luckily, I'm someone who doesn't mind quiet and solitude, but it will take a little getting used to.

* Two kids away at college with huge beginnings ahead of them, but for me as well as I adjust to life in my empty nest.

* I'm looking for some new social groups to join to get me out of the house and to connect with others. (The dog will appreciate this.) Tonight, I'm going to a writing meeting at the library. I've been to meetings like this before and they did NOT work out for me, but I'm going to give it another try. You never know...

* I am helping my parents move into a new home, just little farther away from me. I know this is a good move for them, but I will miss the luxury of knowing my mom is just 10 minutes away.

* I am working on beginning new writing habits. I need to set the wheels in motion and get going. Those books aren't going to write themselves.

Today is the day I mark as the first day of my new beginnings. With what would have been the first day of school behind me now, I feel like I am fully ready to step into my new reality. What lies ahead is uncertain, but I'm excited to meet whatever comes.
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  1. You have several new beginnings, all happening at the same time. Blessings as you embark and learn the steps for this new dance! Enjoy your new reality.

  2. I remember the adjustment period. It seems to go on for a while and just when I've adjusted, something else changes. I like my quiet and solitude and have really enjoyed having extra days off lately, but I don't know if I could do it every day. I'm glad you are finding ways to get away from home and try new things.

  3. This is a really exciting but different time in your life. I've gotten used to the kids being at school, and I even like the time it gives me. Your new professional venture is so exciting and I wish you great luck!

  4. Wow. We have quite a bit in common, Jennifer. I didn't realize! My oldest is a junior in college this year, and the youngest will be on her way in the fall. Yes, it IS an adjustment. And, I can relate to your evolving career path as well. I became an independent consultant ten years ago this year, and while I can still remember how wonderful it was to make my only schedule and have the house all to myself during the day....I remember how lonely it was, too. It still can be---we don't have a "home" like many other educators do--but my husband works remotely now as well. He's here three days a week. And we have a new puppy. Because life was too simple and quiet, that's why! Hahahaha! Cheers to you! It takes courage to carve out a new path for yourself, and you're doing it so beautifully. I'm grateful for your hard work.


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