Monday, March 2, 2015

A Reading Marathon {SOL Day 2 3-02-15}

This week kicks off Read Across America Week, the week when we celebrate all things reading!

I would like to say that this is my favorite week of the year, but really I celebrate reading and good books every single day of the year.  I don't think reading should have just one week set aside to be celebrated, only to return to its box until next year.  You can't do that to reading.

Last Friday, we spent the entire day reading in my 4th grade classroom.  I'll be the first to admit -- this could have been a little bit hairy-scary if it didn't go well.

Would the students be able to read for six hours?
Would they have trouble sitting still?
Would they get bored?
Would they "fake" read? (gasp!!)

Would I???

The students came in, got settled, and we set out reading.  We only stopped for our library special and for lunch/recess.  Otherwise, we were reading.

My kids decided ahead of time that they might need some snacks to help make it through the day so they brought in some healthy snacks like apples, bananas, and granola bars.  Here is what our Snack Center looked like at the beginning of the day:
As the day went on, I was really proud of my students and the awesome perseverance they showed.  They truly spent the entire day reading!

When they finished a book, I had them sign their name on our white board.  By the end of the day, there was hardly any space left for autographs!
It was an awesome, awesome day of reading!  All of my worries about things not going well went unfounded.  At the end of the day, they asked when we could do it again!

That is music to this teacher's ears!


  1. I love all day reading! We call it, "Camp Read A Lot," on my fourth grade team. We are a title I school, so no snacks unless the kids bring them for themselves. I wish we could though. That probably adds to their stamina. Did you allow the kids to read with friend, or did they read independently all day? Did you get to read with them? So fun!

  2. Wow! Reading all magical...I guarantee that will be a day that they will remember too. What a day well spent. I am glad that it worked out well......I teach 4th grade as well. maybe, just maybe, we will be allowed to embark on such a challenge.

  3. We used to have reading marathons when I taught 4th grade and they were so much fun. I love the idea of an I finished a book board. I was really hoping for an end-of-the-day snack center picture! :)

  4. Oh and they came in their pajamas! What a great way to spend the day in school. Did your whole building do it? I also loved your sign on board. Reading is happiness!


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