Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dumb Dogs {SOL Day 24: 3-24-15}

I love my dogs.  They mean the world to me and some days, I like them more than I like my own children.  (Parents out there will understand what I mean....)

But sometimes, they do the dumbest things....

* Like eat Kleenex.

* Like eat Chapstick.

* Like take a swim in an algae covered pond.

* Like eat a pound of Tutti-Frutti Jelly Bellys that my daughter "accidentally" left on the floor in her bedroom.  (This one was not much fun to clean up...)

* Like catch baby bunnies. (Never hurting them though...They only bring them to me to show me what they caught and then drop them in a bucket so I can take them back into the woods to set them free.)

* Like roll in dead things. (Ewww....)

* Like chase cars down the driveway.


  1. Every pet owner (and parent!!) can relate .. that was entertaining!

  2. Our lives are richer for living with our furry faces. But...I know what you mean...they develop our patience, too!


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