Saturday, March 28, 2015

Celebrations {SOL Day #28: 3-28-15}


        A time for reflection and celebrations.

This week, I celebrate:

* My son's safe arrival in France for his spring break trip.  After a long 30 hour delay at the airport, he is with his host family and reports that he loves French croissants, the sauce for the french fries at McDonalds, and shutters on bedroom windows instead of blinds.

* Spring break!  We all need the rest...including the germs that have been running rampant in my classroom.

* The tulips are poking their heads up through the early spring earth.  Can't wait to see their colorful faces.

* Today, my daughter and I will spend the day together.  We will have lunch and go shopping, then tonight we have a DVD already picked out.  (Having her boyfriend away in Spain does have its benefits... :)

* 28 straight days of slicing for this Slice of Life challenge!


  1. Life is happy when you can celebrate! Enjoy the time with your daughter today, those days are hard to come by when there's a boyfriend at hand. I'm with your son, the croissants are to die for in France.

  2. I loved reading about your celebrations. Thank you for sharing them. I think that you should also share this at Ruth Ayres' Celebration Saturday!


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