Thursday, March 26, 2015

Delayed {SOL Day 26: 3-26-15}

On Tuesday night, we dropped my son off at his high school to catch the chartered bus that would take him to O'Hare Airport for his 12 day trip to France.  His flight was scheduled for 10:30 pm.

At 9:00, he called to say goodbye.  He knows I fall asleep early and figured he better call before I miss hearing the phone ring.

At 11:30pm, the texts began...

     "Sitting on the tarmac. Haven't left yet..."  the first one said.

A problem with the fuel pump, apparently.

At 12:30am...

     "Still waiting...Don't know what's going on."

At 1:30am...

      "I can't believe it...our flight is cancelled now."

Turns out that once they were able to get the fuel pump fixed, the flight crew had been on the clock too long and they didn't have another crew available.

So they went back to the terminal, unloaded their luggage and headed for a hotel.  They arrived at the hotel at 4:30am.

Their flight would be rescheduled for 7:50pm the next day.  It's not easy getting 25 people on the same flight with such short notice. It's also not easy entertaining 25 high school kids (who haven't had much sleep) for an entire day while you wait for your next flight.

That French teacher who is chaperoning is a saint!

I'm happy to say that at 8:20am CST, my son arrived in Paris.



  1. What a bunch of disappointed kids to lose a day in France! Now they are there, the good times can begin. I hate using O'Hare just for that reason.

  2. What a great chaperone she must be! (My hubby flew into O'Hare with no problem today. Too bad your son didn't have the same luck!)

    My first trip to France was in high school. It was WONDERFUL. I hope to go back... some day!


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