Thursday, March 5, 2015

Wise Words for Young Writers {SOL Day #5: 3-05-15}

"I am a writer because I was a reader."

"I like to plan on Post-its.  This way I can move things around when I need to."

"Would you like a sneak peek at my new book?  I can read you the first few pages...and it's not even published yet!"

"I was rejected 26 times before I got my first acceptance letter from a publisher."

"I received 36 'no' letters, before I received my first 'yes.'"

"I draft in this spiral notebook."

"Writers revise many, many times.  I rewrote my book about 25 times before it became the book you are holding in your hand now."

"As long as you guys keep reading, I will keep writing."

"Writing is messy.  Just look at this copy of my draft."

"My editor told me that it only takes one 'yes'.  Hang in there!"

These are the wise words that students at my school heard this week from Kate Messner and Jess Keating, two authors who were kind enough to spend a few minutes on a Skype session with our students.

Such valuable, valuable advice for young writers!


  1. What a great experience for your students! Amazing times they will never forget! Oh, to have technology in the classroom! Another dream of mine. Enjoy! Jennifer Sniadecki

  2. Great advice, and no doubt it carries more weight coming from published authors with whom the students are familiar. I am sure your students enjoyed and were impacted by the experience.

  3. I bet you said many of those phrases, but hearing the authors say them made the kids sit up and pay attention. What a great experience for all.

  4. Love author Skypes. I had one this week, too. Will post tomorrow. These authors respect students and talk like they are authors, too. Love Kate Messner! Teachers Write, Rah! Rah!

  5. Fantastic! Hearing it straight from an author is just the best. How motivating and engaging. Looks like a great time was had by all!!

  6. Such a wonderful experience for your kids - learning from authors about the process first hand.

  7. Great that this happened, Jennifer. I love those words, too! Your students must have loved every bit!

  8. This day sounds like a terrific learning experience. And a lot of fun besides!

  9. What a great opportunity for your young students to hear what the reality of success sounds like!

  10. What a terrific experience for your skype with such amazing authors!!! That's wonderful!!! :)


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