Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Rude Awakening {SOL Day #10: 3-10-15}

It's 4:00 in the morning.

An alarm sounds...

But it's not coming from my clock.

It's coming from the smoke detectors.


The dogs fly under the bed.

My husband and I throw back the covers

         Struggling incomprehensibly to figure out what is going on.

           {We seem to be walking in circles...}

My teenagers children wander out of their room,


That the smoke detectors are going off....again.

We had this problem two weeks ago --

The alarm would go off ... just because.  {no fire}

       Always at night

               {Why is that???}

A good dusting and new batteries later

We assumed the problem was fixed.

It wasn't.

So this morning, the smoke detector was also my alarm clock.

Such a rude awakening. 


  1. A rude awakening, indeed. But THANKFULLY you are okay!

  2. From spring awakenings to rude awakenings...geesh! Seems like a crazy alarm clock, but happy it was just a battery issue. Here's hoping tomorrow you hear bird chirping ;)

  3. Ugh...those few more hours are so important after we've been thrust into springing ahead! Glad you are all safe.


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