Sunday, March 22, 2015

Routines {SOL Day #22: 3-22-15}

In many classrooms, routines are what keeps the day running smoothly because everyone knows what to expect.  Change anything in the routine and get ready for chaos.

Such is the same in my life.

Whether I realize it or not, my day-to-day routines are what keeps my life sane.  This next week will bring many changes to that routine and I'm feeling a little unsettled about that.

* On Tuesday, my son leaves for a 12 day trip to France.  Such a wonderful opportunity for him, yet it also means he won't be around home and I will miss him.  There will be much craziness before he leaves as we work on packing and making sure he has what he needs to leave.

* Because my son will be gone, I will have to drive my daughter to school and pick her up.  Extra together time, but also means I will have to adjust my commuting time.

* My daughter's boyfriend is in Spain this week.  So instead of talking with him on the phone every night, she will have to find other ways to spend her time.  (I'm hoping she uses this time to do homework. :)

* This is our last week of school before spring break.  That means the kids will be off-the-wall.  Not necessarily because of the upcoming time away from school, but the time away from their routine.  It is unsettling for them as well.

How do you handle changes to your routine?


  1. Change in routine is exciting for a bit...until I yearn for the routine to return. I struggle with changes in my commute in the morning! That is the hardest one for me. I'll be thinking of you this week!!! Good luck!

  2. I have developed a routine for March. I hope that I will be able to keep it up after the writing challenge is over. Maybe more time with your daughter this week will bring a few extra blessings!

  3. You do have a lot of changes coming this week. We have this week before break too, but we have so little time before the end of the year, students really need to use the work time as much as possible. Friday will probably be the crazy day. I like the routine too, map it out so all can be done! Have a great, but discombobulated, week!

  4. I'm a creature of habit, too. It helps me organize myself. But every once in awhile it's good to change things up a bit. Hopefully your change in routine will be productive!

  5. You have your routines mixed up both at home and at school. I hope you will find the inner calmness to enjoy the week.

  6. At least these changes are temporary, eventually all will return to normal (until the next time). Perhaps you will have more conversations with your daughter since the boyfriend is out of reach.

  7. This made me laugh: (I'm hoping she uses this time to do homework. :)

    And I hate to admit that I have a routine - not sure why... but I do, and It takes me a long time to get used to new routine. Summer for example is hard at first, because I go into Mommy (aka Free summer camp for my 3 kids!) mode, and the relaxed attitude of the season makes me lazy.


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