Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Memory {SOL Day 18: 3-18-15}

Memory is something I take for granted.

At any given moment, I can slip back into my memories and relive a cherished event without thinking much about it.

Unfortunately, not everyone can do this.

My stepfather has Alzheimer's and each day, he slips further and further away from his memories...and from us.

While I can go back and relive those moments from my earlier life -- the day he married my mom, going on vacations together, how he helped me pass algebra in high school by sitting at the kitchen table with me every night -- he cannot.

This makes me sad.

It frustrates me.

It worries me.

It gives me new perspective on how much I need to appreciate the memories I do have.


  1. Alzheimer's is such a devastating disease. Memories are a key component to who we are and is something we take for granted as they connect us to others. I am sorry that your family is going through this. I know how lost and frustrated it can make you feel.

  2. I begin teaching a memoir unit to my students today so your blog title caught my eye. And after reading it gave me a different perspective...we really do need to write TODAY while we can remember as empty is not a guarantee.

  3. We often don't realize how precious our memories are until we see someone who cannot retrieve his. It must be sad and frustrating to see someone who has been such a positive part of your life struggle with Alzheimer's. I am sure he is fortunate to have loved ones near to support him in these struggles. Jackie


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