Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Slice of Me {#SOL16 Day 1}

I am....

A 4th grade teacher, 8 years running
A mother of 2 teenagers & 2 dogs
A host mother of 1 German exchange student
A wife
A writer
A positive thinker
A teacher of teachers
A National Writing Project TC
A planner
A friend
A connected educator
A listener
A dreamer
A noticer
A doer

And much more.


  1. You are....kind, funny, thoughtful, creative, talented, a good friend, someone who always makes me laugh! :) LOVED your list, but I felt like it was missing a few items! ;) LOL! Happy slicing!!!

  2. And so the writing journey begins with a positive look at who you are, Jennifer. I enjoyed your list poem.

  3. Planning to borrow this idea for a slice soon! Loved meeting you last year - you left off an important one. A smiler! Happy to see you here.

  4. Great idea for a first slice - a friendly and warm introduction to YOU!

  5. Great idea for a first slice - a friendly and warm introduction to YOU!

  6. Love your "slice of me", Jennifer. I may have to borrow this idea, so thanks very much. I love hearing all about your life, at home & at school!

  7. I agree with Linda and Ramona about borrowing this idea! And I agree Michelle about leaving a few things off the list! Especially an encourager!

  8. So many people slice with poems -- inspiring. It seems like your list poem is also great inspiration for future slicing territories!

  9. What an awesome way to introduce yourself to fellow slicers. I am looking forward to reading more of your slices!

  10. You are also very helpful and an inspiration! Thanks for getting me involved in this my friend. I love your poem. I'm going to have to 'steal' this idea for a future post. I love when people write poems about themselves! Thanks for being a lot of those things (on your list) to me!!!


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