Tuesday, March 22, 2016

When We Read {#SOL16 Day 22}

Find your place,
Grab a pillow and a quiet space,
Your favorite book
And just read.

Go on a journey to a land far away,
To another time or another day,
You can go anywhere, any place you want
When you read.

Meet someone new,
Hang with a new crew,
There are amazing new friends to meet
When you read.

Short or long,
You can't go wrong,
Into the pages you'll escape
When you read.

Reading is our favorite time of day,
On the schedule, it will stay,
Lost in time is where we'll be
When we read.


  1. A poem about reading!!! I LOVE it! I also love the glimpse into your classroom. Awesome!!!!

  2. Reading is our favorite time of day, too. We start every day with it. It's a great way to begin:)

  3. This is awesome -- I love how you slightly shifted the last line. The repetition made your point but the shift in the second stanza caught my attention and made me think about layers of meaning. For me, it showed me that if we start reading we will be someone who reads -- sets the tone - you will fall in love with reading. Thanks

  4. I love this! I would love to hang it in my classroom too. Thanks for the snapshot of your room.

  5. Yes, let's read ... So inviting and all are welcome!

  6. I love the repetition here, and the power of the words "when you read..." Thanks for your poem; it would be a great one to share with students.
    I can even see it as a mentor - When we read... - sort of like Cynthia Rylant's , "When I was young in the mountains..."


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