Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Missed Us Again {#SOL16 Day 2}

My exchange student, Hannah, chose to come to Wisconsin because she wanted to see snow.  Lots and lots of snow.  She said that at home in Germany, they have cold winters, but not a lot of snow. I'm sorry to say that Hannah will probably go home disappointed from her Wisconsin winter experience.

And honestly, I'm quite fine with that.

This has been anything but the ordinary winter here in Wisconsin.  We've been lucky and have dodged many snow storms.  I was sure we were going to get hit with a big one on Monday night though.  A winter weather advisory quickly changed to a winter weather warning--Five to seven inches of the white stuff was supposedly on its way.

On Monday evening, several local school districts decided to be proactive and called school off for Tuesday.  My school district decided to wait it out.

We've been fooled by these storms before.

As it turned out, we were smart to wait.  The 5 to 7 inches we were supposed to get turned out to be more like 1 to 2.  The big storm decided to track farther to the north, missing us again. (Darn! :)

I'm quite over winter by now and my general feeling is that if Mother Nature is going to bring us a lot of snow, she better bring a snow day with it.

Otherwise,  bring me spring.


  1. I'm ready for spring here in Virginia, too. Too bad Hannah wasn't here for our three feet of snow last month! I'm over the snow too.

  2. I agree! What's the point of snow if there isn't going to be a snow day? I believe all the snow that missed you landed in my yard on Sunday. Our snow banks are over 7 feet high. Perhaps you need to take your exchange students on a road trip across the border. :)

  3. I feel the same way - Boston is very different this year. I miss the snow in some ways... but spring almost feels too close to go back now. Go big or go home!

  4. I'm with you Jennifer, so glad to dodge the snow bullet this winter. Maybe Mother Nature decided to focus on a new area (east coast) for this year. I suppose she will turn her eye back on the midwest next year.


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