Friday, March 18, 2016

Leprechaun Lies {#SOL16 Day 18}

St. Patrick's Day fever and leprechaun hunts took over my school yesterday. I don't know how they did it, but a group of leprechauns reeked havoc on our kindergarten and first grade classrooms Thursday morning. Tables and chairs were overturned, Smartboard pens were found inside mail slots, and shamrock confetti was sprinkled through the rooms like puffs of dandelions after a windy spring day.

A group of kindergartners was out on a leprechaun hunt with their teacher during my prep period.  They asked me (very politely) if I had seen him anywhere.  I asked what he looked like and they gave me very precise definition: about 18 inches tall, red hair, freckles, and a green top hat.  Thinking for a moment, I told them I thought I saw him by the milk coolers in the cafeteria. Or maybe that was the janitor down on his hands and knees cleaning under the cooler.  I wasn't sure.  But either way, they should definitely go investigate.  The kindergartners thanked me (very politely) for the tip and off they went.

I'm not sure if they ever found the leprechaun.

When my daughter was in preschool, her teacher, Mr. Rob,  told her class of four-year olds that leprechauns liked to hide in closets.  Being a young and single man, Mr. Rob had no idea what he had just done.

That night, my daughter did not want to sleep in her room.  I was probably up at least seven times chasing her back to bed.  Closet light on, door open, leprechaun radar checked.  No leprechauns, I reassured her.  But there was no reasoning with her.

The next day, I took my daughter by the hand and brought her back to Mr. Rob.  I insisted that he tell her that there was no such thing as leprechauns.  He looked at me like I was the crazy one.  A night of no sleep for fear of an attack of the leprechauns will do that to some people.

Thankfully, today is March 18th and the leprechauns have returned to Leprechaun Land and order will be restored to my school.

But don't look now.  I hear the Easter Bunny may be hopping through next week.


  1. Your poor daughter! I bet Mr. Rob changed his leprechaun hiding places after that happened. Luckily, leprechauns only leave gold wrapped chocolate coins in our house on St. Patty's Day!

  2. What a fun story to remember on this day of craziness. I hope Mr. Rob changed his story the next year.

  3. What a fun story to remember on this day of craziness. I hope Mr. Rob changed his story the next year.

  4. Oh my, It's funny now, but I'm sure it wasn't funny that night. Yes, he didn't have a clue. Hope your little kiddies found one, however.

  5. I was in a school that set traps and searched as well. They had such fun -- they were all decked out in green and so excited for the day! Thanks for sharing

  6. I Can NOT handle the leprechaun!!!!!!!

  7. As soon as you wrote his words, I thought oh my what has he done! And I was right. I love how you feed the imaginations of the little ones...without scaring them to death! Fun day!

  8. Hahaha! Oh poor Mr. Rob. I love this post! Watch out for that bunny!!


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