Saturday, March 12, 2016

You Do the Math {#SOL16 Day 12}

A math equation:

5 days of hard work 
+ 3 days when the temp was above 60 degrees 
- 2 weeks left until spring break 
x 19 students 
= 20 extra minutes of recess on a Friday afternoon


  1. I love this kind of math! What cool pictures. We did some fun Friday things this week too. It was just so so so needed. Isn't it interesting that when we need it, our students also seem to need it at the same time?! :) Happy weekend my friend!

  2. That warm weather has everyone calculating I think. Happy times for students, somewhat challenging for teachers.

  3. I'll take extra recess every week!

  4. I'll take extra recess every week!


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